Victor C. Yambao received a BFA in Fine Arts with honors from Lesley University's Art Institute of Boston in 2006. He is a versatile artist who is able to work in various media including sculpture, painting and drawing. As a freelance artist, he has provided artwork for several Harvard University Productions including the Gilbert & Sullivan Players and the Lowell House Opera. He has also worked as a graphic artist and prop-master for the Improv Asylum comedy theater and Company One Theater in Boston.

For inquiries or comments, please email: vicyambao@gmail.com




August 2015
"Spill Thoughts and Define Later"
Cafenation- Brighton, Massachusetts

July 2008
“City Bits”
Harvard University- Cambridge, Massachusetts


July 12, 2009
“Junko Revival:A Glovebox art show”
Rescue – Allston, Massachusetts

March 1, 2009
“SPIN: A Glovebox art show”
Rescue - Allston, Massachusetts

October 2007
"Temporary Contemporary Gallery "
Fox Halls Studios- Dorchester, Massachusetts

September 2007
"Glovebox: Urban Street Market "
Goody Glovers- Boston, Massachusetts

August 2007
"MFA Staff Show "
Grossman Gallery- Boston, Massachusetts

February 2007
"What? Uncontrolled Substance: the search for wis.dm "
The Middlesex- Boston, Massachusetts

May 2006
"Art Institute of Boston: BFA Exhibition"
AIB 700 Beacon St. - Boston, Massachusetts

April 2006
"Coalescence: Senior Exhibition show"
The Gallery at Porter Exchange Cambridge - Cambridge, Massachusetts

March 2006
"Devlins Art show"
Devlins - Brighton, Massachusetts

February 2006
AIB 601 Newbury St. - Boston, Massachusetts

December 2006
"Teeth of the Dog: Works on Paper"
Marran Gallery at Lesley University - Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Space Invaders: Installation show"
AIB 700 Beacon St - Boston, Massachusetts